Бесплатно. Английский язык. B1 20 уроков, 40 часов
Урок 9. A new job

Тема дружбы на английском языке

Урок завершен 10 февраля в 16:00

Reading: Not the best interview I’ve ever had!

Vocabulary: Work

Grammar: Past simple, present perfect simple and present perfect continuous review and extension

Listening: I’m going to look for a new job

Writing skills: An informal email


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Grammar: Present Perfect simple and Past simple

Vocabulary: Work

business contacts

people you know who might be able to help your career


people who are trying to get a job


the jobs you do during your working life


a document which describes your education and the jobs you have done


people who work for a company


the people that you work for


the results of your exams at school or university

in charge of

responsible for something or someone


the things you know from experience or study

to apply for

contact a company asking for a job

Writing skills: An informal email

Adding new information

  • We can use phrases like in addition (to), apart from and besides when we want to add information.
  • We use them at the beginning of a sentence.

Apart from giving me a really good salary, they're also going to pay me a bonusarrow-10x10.png.

Apart from paying for a hotel when I arrive, they'll (also) pay the first month's rent on an apartment.

  • We use in addition (to) in more formal writing.

I have good problem-solving skills. In addition, I also have a positive attitude towards my work.

In addition to a degree in software development, I (also) have a diploma in interactive media design.

  • After apart from and besides, we use an -ing form or a noun.

Besides the food, I'm also looking forward to learning Cantonese.

  • In the other part of the sentence, we can use also to emphasise that we are adding information.

Besides giving me a return airfare now, they're also going to pay for another return airfare in the middle of my contract.

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