Бесплатно. Английский язык. B1 20 уроков, 40 часов
Урок 16. Information

Тема дома и города на английском языке

Урок завершен 7 апреля в 16:00

Vocabulary: The news

Reading: Everyone’s a journalist

Grammar: Reported speech

Listening: Airport adventure

Writing skills: Summarising information


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Reported speech and direct speech

Reported questions

Other changes


The news


a piece of writing in a magazine, newspaper, etc


a person who writes or reads a blog

breaking  news

information that is being received and broadcast about an event that has just happened or just begun

celebrity gossip

conversation or reports about famous people's private lives that might or might not be true

current affairs

important political or social events that are happening in the world at the present time


someone who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine


the main stories in newspapers, on television, etc

news feed

a web page or screen that updates often to show the latest news or information


someone who introduces a radio or television programme


someone whose job is to discover information about news events and describe them on television, radio, or in a newspaper

social media

forms of electronic communication that allow people to share information using the Internet or mobile phones

Writing skills

Summarizing information

You can add the following words and phrases to join the sentences together in the summary:

  • amazingly
  • and   
  • apparently
  • before   
  • but  
  • fortunately
  • I guess
  • incredibly
  • it seems that
  • luckily
  • naturally
  • of course
  • who  
  • with

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