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Урок 17. A good review

Talk about the ways of getting the news

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Vocabulary: Shopping

Listening: A local restaurant

Grammar: Verb patterns

Vocabulary: Reporting verbs

Video: I’ve got some fantastic news

Communication skills: Generalising and being vague 


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Verb patterns

Verb + -ing or to + infinitive

Other uses of verb + -ing

Other uses of to + infinitive



Things customers do:

  • be able to afford something
  • get a refund
  • look for a bargain
  • take/send something back

Talking about products

  • be in stock
  • be on sale
  • come out
  • good value for money
  • have a guarantee
  • reasonably priced

Reporting verbs

He invites them to stay another night.
He reminds them to write a review.
She warns him not to cut her hair too short.
He recommends trying a new hair product.
She agrees to have the new product on her hair.
The woman admits eating the dessert.
The woman threatens to write a bad review.
The waiter offers to get the manager.
He suggested changing the woman's hairstyle.
They promised to write a good review.
They advised him to advertise the hotel more.
The woman refused to pay for the dessert.

Useful language


But I think, on the whole, I prefer taking action shots.
It tends to either be working at a local gallery on a photography exhibition or working with a professional photographer as an assistant.
The placement generally lasts two weeks.
Yes, typically each class has two opportunities to go on study visits per year.
Well, normally they don't tell you the result during the interview.
It can be difficult to relax at the end of the day. I find my yoga class really helpful for that.
As a rule, I'm not very good at interviews – I get too nervous.
I don't usually spend much time worrying about things that haven't happened yet.

Being vague

I prefer taking action shots – sport and stuff like that.
I'm going to the supermarket. I need some milk and things like that.
You have a few portraits in your portfolio.
Everything went well except for a couple of problems.
I'm not very good with that kind of thing.
I like swimming and that sort of thing.

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