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Темы музыки, фильмов и развлечений в английском языке

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Vocabulary: Cinema and TV

Listening: CGI

Reading: Film-making has changed a lot

Grammar: The passive

Video: Going out

Communication skills: Asking someone to wait


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Grammar: The passive

Vocabulary: Cinema and TV

action /'ækʃn/

He likes films with a lot of action.

animation /ænɪ'meɪʃn/

Computer animation can be impressive, but I prefer handmade films.

based on /beɪst ɒn/

I was very surprised when I discovered that this film is based on a true story.

character /'kærəktə/

In these films, George Clooney plays a character who wants to steal money from a casino.

chat show /tʃæt ʃəʊ/

Melanie’s dream is to become a popular chat show host.

comedy /'kɒmɪdi:/

When I feel sad, a funny comedy is the best way to improve my mood.

director /dɪ'rektə/

I like Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg, but my favourite director is Sofia Coppola.

documentary /dəkju'mentri:/

The BBC makes the best nature documentaries.

drama /'drɑ:mə/

He’s always excited whenever a new historical drama is out in the cinema.

film /fɪlm/

Please film the race so I can show it to Tom later.

game show /ɡeɪm ʃəʊ/

I don’t believe you can really win a prize on a game show.

horror /'hɒrə/

Horror movies entertain people by shocking or frightening them.

romance /'rəʊmæns/

Can you recommend a good romance movie to watch on a date?

scene /si:n/

The final scene of the film was amazing – it looked so real!

science fiction /saɪəns 'fɪkʃən/

Science fiction films tell stories about life in the future or in other parts of the universe.

soap opera /səʊp ɒprə/

Do you know which is the longest-running soap opera in history?

studio /'stju:dɪəʊ/

They used some outdoor locations, but most of the filming was done in the studio.

thriller /'θrɪlə/

You can’t make a good thriller without a really exciting story.

Useful language: Recommending and responding

These phrases give a recommendation or opinion:

  • It's meant to be excellent.
  • It was highly recommended by ...
  • It's supposed to be really good.
  • Why don't we go and see that local band?
  • They've had great reviews.
  • I think you'd love it.

These phrases respond to a recommendation:

  • That's a great idea!
  • I'm not a big fan of classical music.
  • I doubt Mark would be interested.
  • It sounds really interesting, but...

Useful language: Asking someone to wait

  • Hang on a second.
  • Just a moment.
  • Wait a minute.
  • One moment, please.
  • Let me check (for you).

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